About MHAC Financial & Why Now

Melvin C. McDowell Jr., MSW, LMSW, CFLE

Melvin McDowell is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Michigan. He's also the owner and Clinical Director of McDowell Healing Arts Center & it's sister company, MHAC Financial.  So, he's a business owner, trainer, consultant, college professor,  Certified Family Life Educator, Board Certified Credit Consultant, and a soon to be Certified Financial Social Worker by May 2020. 

Why Now?

The real question is why not now? With the onset of the Covid 19 virus and Michigan's Stay at Home order, many people and communities are struggling and will struggle financially. This is the perfect time to offer and transition to financial services and credit repair. 

How can a Social Worker Teach Me About Money?

Certified Financial Social Workers are trained in many areas of finance and pass an exam to show their competency. An added benefit is that Mr. McDowell is a Board Certified Credit Consultant. Which is also a certification that can only be obtained through the passing of an exam.  But even before the certification, A Clinical Masters of Social Work degree teaches Clinicians how to study behavior, interventions for behavior modification, and the compassion and understanding that all human beings fall under hard times or are just uneducated in some areas.  And with the Credit Repair side of things, we have an experienced team of people will go to bat for you to improve your credit score. 

Our services

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Commonly Asked Questions


Will you need My Social Security Number?

Yes and No. We will only require the last 4 digits of your social security card. We do not want the responsibility of handling your full Social Security Number. Plus, it is not needed. 

Am I locked into a contract for any of your services?

No you can cancel anytime. Refunds will not be given once services are paid for. 

Can I just use Credit Karma instead of Identity IQ for monitoring?

No, Credit Karma uses a different way to add up scores. Credit Karma scores tend to a tad inflated as compared to your real scores. Plus our company can not interface with Credit Karma to import the results as they are happening for you in real time. 

What do you guarantee?

We guarantee that helping you be successful and improving your credit is priority for us. 

We guarantee that if you are on one of our monthly plans, and you have not seen any positive improvements (deletions or a change from late to on time, or a credit improvement) within 90 days from the day of our first dispute, then we will give you all monies that you've paid to us, back to you. (This offer is void if you continue to request credit or pay bills late during the credit repair). 

How soon will i see results?

Most people see results within the first 45 days, due to COVID 19 we are asking for 60 days. We remind all clients that their credit didn't become damaged over night, so patience will need to had during this process. 

How can i keep up with whats going on with my account?

When you sign up you will be given a very interactive client portal where you will be able to see everything that's going on. You will also be able to send secure messages to your assigned customer service and dispute reps. All of their information and a picture of them will be in your portal also. 

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